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(WAY) Off Broadway

A cross between 'America's Got Talent', and 'America's Funniest Videos', we will create a show for and featuring YOUR TEAM.


Your team will have the experience of an On-Air production of themselves! This incredible experience is the first of it's kind. We celebrate your group's diversity and special talents in our most personal, exciting, and engaging experience to date!

Leading up to the event, your team members will all be invited to submit short videos of themselves showcasing their talent - ...maybe they'll perform a song, show us their basketball trick shots, nunchuck skills, impersonations, or pull out their trombone from Junior High! Whatever 'talent' they have -- (and we define that word very broadly) -- we want to help them share it with the world - or at least with your company or team!


With your staff providing the talent, we will collect and organize each video into mashups, gameshows questions, and audience polling to find the stars in your company.